Portraits 2008–2024

Dominic Sackmann, architect
Mira Schroeder and Nic Rauch, scenographers
Jazzanova, band
Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, virologist
Wolfgang Thierse, politician
Fabien Coupez, flame artist
A member of the Allied Museum staff
Mr. Dostmann at a museum close by Schwäbisch Hall, pacifist by choice
Günter Schickert, musician
Johanna Walderdorf, illustrator
Peter Trentmann, graphic designer
Hailu Mergia, Ethiopian musician
Yone Ko, dj
Dr. Balbir Nandra, hypnotherapist and author
Kathleen Morgeneyer, theater actress
Amelie von der Mühlens' dog
Nice italian man, Tuscany
Dr. Balbir Nandra, hypnotherapist and author
Die Wilde Jagd, band
Karlheinz L., biology teacher and hunter
Anatoly Aminev with friend, former military
Florian Pauls, scientific collection manager
Yugo Hasegawa, graphic designer
Kablam, dj
Ina Schröder, manager of a black-and-white photo laboratory
Earl Zinger, musician
Yugo Hasegawa, graphic designer
Daymé Arocena, cuban jazz singer
Daymé Arocena with Gilles Peterson, dj, label operator and radio presenter
Mr. and Mrs. Ta-Trung
David Lynch, US-American film director
Crishan Böhner, electronics engineer

Related portraits

Peaches, musician and feminist activist
Kathleen Morgeneyer, theater actress
Maki Horikita, Japanese actress
Magdalena, friend
Cymande, band
Hailu Mergia, Ethiopian musician
Jazzanova, band
Robert Owens, singer and dj
Jan Commandeur, artist
Björn Bonn, actor
Dr. Omar Akbar, urbanist and architect
Günther M. Ziegler, mathematician
Prof. Joe Peppard, professor at ESMT

Campaign and business portraits

»Berlin Brain City« Portrait Campaign
»Happiness for your ears« Portrait Campaign
Knowledge at work, White Paper Portraits
Campaign motifs for the International literature festival
Portraits of members of the Allied Museum staff
Cyclotron, Portraits of scientists working at a cyclotron
Hören Leist, hearing aid acoustician
Campaign for Anntian fashion label

Personal projects involving portraiture

Heimatstationen, 60 portraits